Feeding Advancement Calculator

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12 feeds per day Current enteral TFI: 15 mL/kg/day
Advance by: mL every hours
Advance rate: 31 mL/kg/day Wean IV rate by 1.5 mL/hr with every feed increase

TFI = Total Fluid Intake; q2h = every 2 hours; q3h = every 3 hours; q4h = every 4 hours

  • Goal feeds are rounded to the nearest 0.5 mL
  • All feed rates are rounded to the nearest mL
  • Number of days to full feeds are rounded to the nearest 0.25 days
  • IV wean rate is rounded to 2 decimal places
Formulas Used

Feeding Guidelines

Trophic feeds, also known as non-nutritive feeds, minimal enteral nutrition, or gut priming feeds, are small volume feeds, approximately 10-20 mL/kg/day. Trophic feeds may be maintained for several days for the smallest babies. Typically, advancing feeds by 10-30 mL/kg/day is well-tolerated, up to a goal TFI of 150-160 mL/kg/day.